BKKRYD - Bangkok Riders

BKKRYD – TrackDays Enthousiast In Bangkok. Information, Reviews, Exclusive Promotions, the best place to look for your next track adventure.

Created in 2021, BKKRYD Racing is the Track Side of Bangkok Riders

The idea behind this TEAM is to connect and engage riders who, like us, find the roads more and more dangerous…

We saw a rise of track days and we recommend keep the speed for those much more secure “playground” than any roads.

No matter if you are novice, confirmed or Pro…We are all here to learn and enjoy with safety

Track Day Practice

We all love speed and we all love to improve our skills. But road is not a playground and we recommend to anyone who is interested in track practice to join us at Thailand Circuit


We try to share as much information on track events, National or International competition and all the tricks we had gathered among the years

BRIC - R2M Series

Some of our riders are competing in the R2M Series and we all support them the best we can. Partners, pit crew or digital promotion we do everything to keep our riders #focused


Racing Suits, racing gear, carbon fiber or composite parts… If you need it we will find it.

TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok

TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok. Because we care about the safety of our riders! We engage all our riders to wear a one piece suit, gloves, boots and certified helmets for our trackdays practice. We are also main distributor for SPRS and we will make sure you get your gear in no time!