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Track Days and CBR Trophy Rounds in Buriram Chang International Circuit (MotoGP track) are mainly organized by brands like Honda or Bridgestone.

TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok.

Information, Reviews, Exclusive Promotions, the best place to look for your next track adventure. Created in 2021, BKKRYD Racing is the Track Side of Bangkok Riders. The idea behind this TEAM is to connect and engage riders who, like us, find the roads more and more dangerous… We saw a rise of track days and we recommend keep the speed for those much more secure “playground” than any roads.No matter if you are novice, confirmed or Pro…We are all here to learn and enjoy with safety


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Track Day

TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok, Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of superbike motorcycle track days, where enthusiasts and thrill-seekers converge to experience the ultimate two-wheeled euphoria!

Imagine a haven where speed and skill intertwine, and the symphony of revving engines harmonizes with the pulsating heartbeat of passionate riders. It’s a mesmerizing dance of man and machine that transcends ordinary boundaries and ventures into the realm of pure excitement!

First Lights

As the sun rises on the morning of a track day, the anticipation in the air is palpable. Riders arrive, their faces beaming with infectious excitement, as they prepare to unlock the full potential of their superbikes on the hallowed tarmac.

The smell of petrol and burnt rubber envelopes the venue, and the rhythmic hum of engines warming up sends shivers down the spine. It’s a symphony of power, ready to take on the twists and turns that await.

The Wait is Over

Every rider is welcomed into a tight-knit community, bound by a shared love for speed, camaraderie, and the pursuit of pushing boundaries. Novices receive warm encouragement, experienced riders exchange stories, and friendships are forged under the banner of a united passion. No matter one’s skill level, the track day atmosphere is always inclusive and empathetic.

As the flag drops,TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok comes alive with streaks of vibrant color, as the bikes unleash their ferocity on the asphalt. Every twist and turn demands a precise dance of body and machine, as riders lean into the curves with daring precision. The thrill of leaning at gravity-defying angles and accelerating out of the corners electrifies the senses, creating an unmatched rush that ignites the soul.

Chang International Circuit
Thailand Circuit
Bira Circuit
Kaeng Krachan
TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok

CBR Trophy 2024

Experienced riders roam the track, sharing their wisdom and helping riders to harness their potential fully. Their enthusiasm and genuine desire to see each rider improve add a layer of warmth to the event. It’s not just about speed; it’s about learning, growing, and becoming a better rider than yesterday.

Between exhilarating sessions, laughter and tales of bravery fill the paddock. Experiences and tips are exchanged, creating an invaluable learning environment where everyone is eager to support and uplift one another. The shared passion for motorcycles transcends backgrounds, ages, and experiences, uniting the diverse community in a brotherhood and sisterhood of speed.

As the sun begins its descent, casting an ethereal glow over the track, riders savor the last moments of this magical day. The sense of fulfillment and accomplishment is unparalleled. Exhausted but exhilarated, they depart with hearts bursting with excitement, already counting down the days until the next track day adventure.

In the world of TrackDays Enthusiast In Bangkok, time seems to blur, and the present moment becomes a symphony of pure passion. It’s a realm where empathy and excitement are the engines that drive every rider forward, creating a haven for those who dare to chase their dreams on two wheels. Are you ready to embark on this journey? The track awaits, and so does an unforgettable experience that will leave you forever addicted to the extraordinary world of superbike track days!

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