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What Helmet Should I Use?


What Helmet Should I Use?

When it come to helmet, there is always choices to make…
Big brands like Shoei, Arai, only offer high price/high quality helmets, no middle class there. Agv offers the full range from simple
entry level to MotoGp grade where price get very high….Then you have regular brands like Shark, Xlite/Nolan, Kyt, Suomy who also provide
a full spectrum of price/quality helmets. Then you have small brands like Real, Bilmola who are more focused on quality helmets but for the smaller cc…

I have 3 helmets for the moment and I can already hear some of you screaming and shouting against those helmets but once again its always a matter of price.

  • Bilmola Zilla ST Carbon (8000thb – Use only on CBR650)
  • KYT Espargaro Replica (5000thb – Use on Rentals )
  • Real Corsa (2500thb – Use only on Click 125i)

I first bought the KYT because i didn’t own a bike here (well a 150 cafe racer for commuting) and was renting big bikes, i didn’t see the need to invest
in a 25k+ helmet as i also had to invest in protective gear (Riding boots, Kevlar Jeans and CE Level 2 Mesh jacket).
KYT did the trick for the first 6 months but it was heavy and long rides killed my neck..

I then look for something lighter and reliable, The Bilmola Zilla ST Carbon was just released and appear as the flagship of the brand with good specs
and a small price. I decided to give it a try and was positivelly surprise by the quality,the finish, the weight! (1350gr)and the low noise in the helmet.
I still use this one as my main helmet BUT….I like to change and I am in the market for a new helmet with a 15k budget.

???? Please be safe out there and always ride within YOUR LIMITS and with all the proper gear! ????
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