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Home » blog » Q&A with Monnapatdala Krajangyao (Dala – ดาร่า จิ๊กเซ่อร์)

Q&A with Monnapatdala Krajangyao (Dala – ดาร่า จิ๊กเซ่อร์)

Dala Stories

We are please to meet Monnapatdala Krajangyao A.k.a DALA

So let go straight to the point of this interview and discover who’s behind this Superbike Rider

Q: Tell us something about you and your background?
A: Hi,my I’m Monnapatdala Krajangyao or you can call me Dala for short. Im from Thailand. I graduated from the faculty of business communication ,Thammasart University. I worked as a cabin crew for almost 7 years after gratuated and now m having my own business.

Q: You have a racing team right? Tell us about it.
A: Yes, I have a racing team name Ever Race Project. We have 4 ridders in our team which make race in 3session in BRIC ,R2M and KRRC. We compete for Thailand Championship.

Q: What motorcycle do you currently ride on road and on track?
A: I have Suzuki GSXR1000r ,Yamaha xmax300 and Honda 125sf cafe racer. In the track I use Honda CBR650r and Honda CBR1000r.

Q: What is your favorite motorcycle brand at the moment, are you planning on using it?
A: Now im interesting in the new Honda CBR1000rrrSP. After I have tested it in the track,i think it’s really a good motorcycle.

Q: How long have you been riding motorcycle? How did you start?
A: I have been riding motorcycle for almost 10 years . I like motorcycle since I was young. I bought my first motorcycle when I was in grad10 ,it is Kawasaki ninja250. That time,I dont know how to ride yet lol

Q: What is your motivation to ride?
A: I dont have serious inspiration on ridding, I just feel that’ i m happy and I like myself when im on the bike

Q: Who is your track mate?
A: Mostly i ride with my team members but sometime I have an opportunity to testing on motorcycle bran or tire so I would go alone.

Q: What is your dream motorcycle?
A: My dream motorcycle ,….arr this is hard . I still did not find any motorcycle that I feel like more than my GSXR1000

Q: If you don’t mind, what do you do besides riding motorcycles?
A: Beside ridding motorcycle i’m also ridding jet ski.

Q: Tell us about your future Youtube Channel and your projects for 2021?
A: Youtube channel is quit new thing for me. Actually I used to be the host of the TV show but that’s diff. I dont know, I think it will be fun

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